Leave with nothing

This quote came from a decluttering/minimalist book I read a few years ago. It has always stuck with me. ” Walk out the gate empty-handed without anxiety”
When I read that I thought I wonder if I could ever get to that point where there would be some kind of natural disaster and I would have to leave suddenly and be ok with leaving everything material wise behind. Something to ponder.












My grandson loves to dance he has been moving since he was a tiny little guy. The faster the music the more fun he has and just giggles and giggles.
Yesterday I was playing some of my music and I was standing up and just kind of moving back and forth to the songs.
When ” Walking Blind , by Aidan Hawken came on. I started just slowly moving back and forth so did Max. It was so sweet.

Later on Papa got home and we were showing Papa that Max learned how to slow dance. We all started dancing slow. Then he danced with Papa, then he came over and put his arms around my legs and slow danced with me. I can’t tell you what that did to this grandmothers heart. I got so emotional. The tears just started, Max had no idea. My husband looked and me with misty eyes and hugged me. I couldn’t stop crying. He told Max that Papa and Mimi loved him so much.

Sometimes I have so much love for my precious little boy it almost hurts. I know if you’re a grandparent you know what I’m talking about.
He is the joy of our life. Special moments like yesterday sometimes catch me off guard. Although every moment with my Max is special.

Enjoy your children/grandchildren every moment you possibly can. Remember to hug them, play trucks and cars, have tea parties, laugh about silly things and always, always dance.

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Childhood Games & Special Bonds

What kind of games did you play when you were young? Was there someone special that was always right there playing along?

I think back to some of the things my brother and I did that were so dangerous or at least questionable.
We lived on a hill, but we also had levels with steps. My brother would get on stilts and walk around with a blindfold on and we would play the game blind mans bluff.

If you aren’t familiar with this game the person that is “it” is blindfolded and then spun around several times. Then the other players call out and the blindfolded player tries to tag someone and then they become “it”

When we were much younger we lived in a rental in the middle of 80 acres of a prune orchard. My brother and I would play in the dirt a lot. We would make roads and houses out of the dirt. One year my brother was given a Tonka truck the good metal kind. For us it was something that was very special because we didn’t have a lot of money.
But, as kids we needed the truck to look like it had been through some wrecks. So we took a hammer to it. It looked much better when we were finished. 😊

We had a tree house at this same place. The night before we were going to move we decided it was fitting to have a huge storm, more like a tornado. We pretended the “tornado” ripped through our treehouse and destroyed it. There was pretty much nothing left when we were finished. That was so much fun along with some sadness.

There was always an adventure. We played outside and just made up games. We didn’t have a lot so we had to be creative. I never felt like we were missing out on anything. I don’t believe my brother did either.

My brother was my hero growing up. He is almost 3 years older than me. He is still one of the most important people in my life. He is now 60 and I’m 57 we still have fun when we get together and always make each other laugh. We text all the time, we live a few hours apart. We don’t see each other as often as we would like but distance can never change our close relationship.


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I love to decorate. I love change. So I may change things every few months.
I keep things from previous decorating jobs. I also am a bargain hunter. I never spend very much money on a new look.
That is when I’m able to shop. When my agoraphobia is on high alert as it has been the last 8 months. I have to get a bit more creative. So I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing.

So yesterday I wanted to freshen up my vanity in the bathroom. First I cleaned and organized everything.
Then I decided I would take paper from my scrapbooking books and line the shelves and drawer.
I can hear you all now “that won’t work, it will get wet and ruin” you are right of course. For now it’s really pretty and my husband and I aren’t rough on things and I can always redo it. Because you see it cost me nothing I already had the paper.  Plus it’s so pretty it makes me happy when I open the drawer or door.

What I learned from this is that you don’t have to go shopping every time you want to do a little job around the house. Think outside the box. Look around and see how you can repurpose things you already own. I had beautified 😊under my kitchen sink a few nights earlier using the same concept.
I actually use the scrapbooking paper to cover boxes. Any kind of box, they look pretty and you can cover them in the color of your choice.
I needed something in my kitchen to control all of those plastic bags. So I took a diaper box turned it on its end and covered it in a nice black and white pattern. It holds a bunch of folded plastic bags and looks really pretty under my kitchen sink.
Cost: $0.
On to my next project!
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Let’s talk about umbrellas

I love them, they are so fun. Now you might be thinking an umbrella is just an umbrella.
Au contraire
Let’s examine them for a few moments
First they are functional: They shelter you from rain or sun.
Second they are versatile: Besides being useful as a shelter you can also use them as decoration. Hanging several from a tall ceiling is beautiful for a wedding, Baby shower or any special occasion.,
Third they don’t all look the same: They come in every color you can imagine. With anything printed on them from animals to quotes. Also they are made from a variety materials.

So you see an umbrella isn’t just an umbrella. It’s function wrapped up in beauty and whimsy.

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Where do people get those extra sounds or letters in certain words??

Kindergarten– often called kindiegarten. I can’t find an IE or a Y.
Espresso– often pronounced Expresso- it is an sound where did that X come from?
Supposedly– often pronounced supposably. I see a maybe they are seeing a B. I know they often get confused.
Escape– often pronounced excape- I can’t find an X in there can you?

Now if you’re feeling a little silly because maybe you are one of those people who have been pronouncing the above incorrectly.
Join the club I think we all have certain words we pronounce wrong. Either we have heard it all of our life and it was taught to us wrong or we just didn’t know.

I know in the past couple of years I have discovered several words or phrases that I have been saying completely wrong. All because I heard them when I was little and misunderstood.
That’s when we have to have some humor and laugh it off and go on our merry little way.
Because in the end most of the time it doesn’t really matter.
What does matter is if our words are kind, loving and uplifting.

Hope you have a blessed day.
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About this Journey

My first post was a bit on the negative side. I don’t want that to always be where I come from. However, if I feel people are being wronged I will write about it.

A little background on my life. I have agoraphobia among some other mental issues. This keeps me homebound. Not useless, just in the house. With my husband we care for our, now 2 year old, Grandson full time. We have been watching him since he was about 8 months old. So I am busy.

But, as like all fanciful souls I do get caught up in my own thoughts at times. I wonder about things that most people think are silly or maybe they just don’t care.

I wanted to start this blog for those who are living on the fanciful side and do care about the little things and sometimes the big things.

So there may be things about injustice, grief, humor, or just musings.

I hope you will join me on this journey.